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Harvest of Death Harvest of Death

The classic "Harvest of Death" at Gettysburg is one of the best-known photographs in Alexander Gardner's Sketchbook of the Civil War, a collection of 100 large-plate images taken with a single-lens camera. Photographer James F. Gibson took this stereo view showing the same group of bodies from a different angle. Although worn and stained, this original albumen view is one of the better known examples of a Gardner stereo view in color. Most hand-tinted Gardner views were painted too thickly to retain a sense of realism. The bodies of these federal soldiers have no shoes, which indicates they were behind Confederate lines at some point and relieved of their footwear.

Although James F. Gibson is listed as the photographer of this image, Gardner's catalog indicates he, Gibson and Timothy O'Sullivan may have shared the credit for the Gettysburg images. In listing the names of the photographers who took the Gettysburg views, Gardner's September 1863 catalog rotates the names of Gibson, Gardner and O'Sullivan, repeating them in the same order beginning with every third image.

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