By Bob Zeller, CCWP president

Quarters for photographers attached to Engineer Corps at Petersburg, Va. (Library of Congress)

The demand for photographs was so great during the Civil War, each division of the Army of the Potomac had its own approved civilian photographer. To keep track, the army kept registers showing approved photographers as well as other merchants.

The National Archives in Washington, D.C., has many registers kept by the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War listing listing sutlers, merchants, prisoners, and, in two different registers, approved photographers.

One of the registers was compiled and kept while Gen. Joe Hooker was the commander, in the winter and spring of 1863. The other register was compiled while Gen. U.S. Grant was commander in 1864 and 1865.

Both registers contain a single page for each division of each corps containing the handwritten names of the photographers. In some cases, as noted below, names have been scratched out and new ones added. It is interesting to note that in 1863, Alexander Gardner was the approved photographer for the Headquarters command, while in 1864 or 1865, Grant’s official photographer was M. B. Brady.

Because each register is divided into divisions, I have compiled both together for comparative purposes. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, I refer to the two books as the 1863 book and the 1865 book.

1863 book: (Record Group 393, Part I, Entry 4075. Third of 13 volumes)

Army of the Potomac Register No. 77 (Red, bound register) Prisoners, Agents, Sutlers

Notes: These log books are compilations of several log books, all bound together. No. 77 is typical, with three or four different log books in the volume. The first section, thus, is all prisoners. The photographers are listed in the final book, which is noted as “Old Book 219, A Potomac.” This book is sectioned into different army divisions, with entries for news boys, purveyors and caterers, mail carriers, sutlers, booksellers, stationary salesman. Each division gets a page, and most commonly there will be the newsboy listed at the top, caterers and purveyors in the middle and “photographist” at the bottom. Listed here are the photographists. All original entries are in ink. (See reproduction of one page of this book on page 144 of The Blue and Gray in Black and White).

1865 book: (Record Group 393, Part I, Entry 4075. Old books 213 and 215 ½ bound as volume 84)

First 86 pages are regiment by regiment listings of sutlers. Photographers begin to be listed on page 92. See reproduction of one page of this book on page 144 of The Blue and Gray in Black and White).

Roster of Sutlers and Traders in the Army of the Potomac.

Here are the combined listings from the two registers.

1st Army Corps

1st Division:

1863 (Hooker): Photographist: B. Myer. Assistants: Will V. McClanc, Thomas M. Jordan

1865 (Grant): Photographer: A. Chalferrand. Assistants: J.S. Crocker, J. Watkins (both lined through) G. (unreadable) and S. D. Ferrand

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: Jasper M. Furlong (lined through); Thomas Adams

1865: Photographer: Thomas Adams. Assistants: John Adams, Thomas P. Adams

3rd Division

1863: Photographist: L. M. Emery. Assistants: J.M. Furlong, J. Engle

1865: Photographer: John O’Grady (lined through); J. F. Engle. Assistants: D. Williamson, E. Ward, J. P. Engle (all lined through); J. J. Bowes, D. Williamson

Artillery Brigade

1865: Photographers: S. M Emery. Assistants: J. B. Gillett, A. Chalferrand (both lined through); J. M. Furlong and S. Reagens

2nd Army Corps

1st Division

1863: Photographist: T. J. Geary. W. J. Cunningham, Clerk

1865: Chas. E. Palmer. Assistants: E. Palmer (lined through), F. Heritage, Warren

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: O. Millard; John Fanessi, Clerk

1865: Thomas P. Adams (lined through; “by order Genl. Wehly”); E. M. Osborne. Assistants: Isaiah Myers, J. H. Myers

3rd Division

1863: Photographist: Peter O’Neil and Geo. Smith

1865: Geo. Gins (dismissed); R. Ashinell. Assistants: C. Van Ness, W. H. Keisten. (Names of five other assistants lined through.)

Artillery Brigade

1865: Photographer: A. M. Hall. Assistant: P. Pry.

3rd Army Corps

1st Division

1863: Photographist: John H. Thomas (lined through – “Revoked”), M. Henson. Assistants: Peter Beilerman (lined through), Chas. Fogel

1865: Photographer: John Paressi. Assistants: Jo. Jourfort, V. H. Pein
Photographer: E. W. Blake. Assistants: G. W. Roseberry, E. G. Updegraf, Benj. W. Rogers (all three lined through); E. S. Perkins, E. J. Ward

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: Geo. W. Schwenke

1865: Photographer: J. P. Dunn. Assistants: J. Dalrymple, J. Gillingham

3rd Division

1865: Photographer: O. Mallard. Assistants: Upkin, Relient

Artillery Brigade

1865: Photographer: L.C. Dillard (lined through); Assistants: T. Pye and J. P. Dedman (both lined through).

5th Army Corps

1st Division

1863: Photographist: Hugh J. Gorman. Assistants: Thomas B. Jordan, P. McAdams

1865: Photographer: J. H. Bacon. Assistants: C. Plummer, P. Wright
Photographer: F. A. Sattridge. Assistants: A. J. Hixon, J. McIrvin
Photographer: H. J. Gorman (“by order Gen. Sykes”) Assistants: T. Jordon, J. Hornbaker

Additional Note: Ross Kelbaugh’s “Directory of Civil War Photographers” which documents Internal Revenue photographer licenses as per the “sun tax,” shows that “Gorham & Jordan, photographers, Army of the Potomac” paid $25 in March 1864 for a federal license. This was the most expensive of the three licenses and indicated that they had annual receipts of $1,000 or greater. (The other license amounts were $10 for annual receipts of less than $500, and $15.00 for receipts of $500 to $1000). This information comes from the Internal Revenue Assessment Lists, 1862-1866.

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: S. Bergstresser. Assistants: C. Glenn, Wm. Harvey, R. W. Moore
Photographist: L. C. Dillon. Assistants: A.K. Hall and Jas. Redmond

1865: Photographer: C. Glenn. Assistants: R. W. Means (lined through); G. B. Cannon, S. W. Hodge, J. A. Denlaney
Photographer: P. Bidequarage (lined through – “order Genl. Hayes”) Assistants: W. Jackson, W. Maull (both lined through)
Photographer: S. C. Dillon. Assistants: J. Reidmon, A. Patterson, J. McAllishen

3rd Division

1863: Photographist: Chas. Glenn. Assistants: E. Plummer, D. Hackendorn, J. Bergstresser

1865: Photographer: S. L. Bergstresser. Assistants: J. Bergstresser, J. Haynes, James Cornelius

6th Army Corps

1st Division

1863: Photographist: Charles Weitfle. Assistants: A. F. Hall, J. Jordan, K.A. Stanhope (final two names lined through).

1865: Photographer: C. Weitfle. Assistants: J. Wright, A. S. Larence, Fred Ferry

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: D. Owens. Assistants: R. Pickens, A. F. Aldrich (lined through)
Photographist: Herman J. Carrier. Assistant: D. Nicholson (lined through).

1865: Photograher: Wm. B. Jackson. Assistants, J. H. Kellen, W. J. Cunningham.

3rd Division

1863: Photographist: Thos. O’Grady (lined through) Assistants: E. Ward, S. Williamson (both lined through)
Photographist: D. Williamson. Assistant: J.D.W. Phipps.

1865: Photographer: Wm. A. Nichols. Assistants; J. Harrison and (unreadable), H. Secasatt.


1865: Photographer: E. G. Foux. Assistants: P. Reaseberry, G. W. Reaseberry

Artillery Brigade:

1865: Photographer: H. E. Hoyt. Assistants: D.R. Steilts, H. B. Dick, Johnson

11th Army Corps

1st Division

1863: Photographist: Wm. Huntsman. Assistants: A Sifferty, J. K. Kelham (both lined through), J.W. Allen

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: A. Belirand. (lined through) Assistant: E. Belrand (lined through).
Photographist: P. McAdam (lined through). Assistant: Wm. Cland (lined through).
Photographist: A. Belirand. Assistant: Jackson Young.

3rd Division

1863: Photographist: A. M. Hall. Assistant: R May

12th Army Corps

1st Division

1863: No photographist listed.

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: Donald McKenzie (lined through).
Photographist: David Breist. Assistant: E. J. Walker

Engineer Brigade

1863: Photographist: F. M. Bostwick

1865: Photographer: J. H. Nolan. Assistant: E. L. Becker

Calvary Corps


1865: J. S. Reagens. Assistants: E. B. Pruing, T. Barrowman

1st Division

1863: Photographist: P.M. Adam. Assistant: W. Clane

1865: Photographer: P. McAdams. Assistants: W. Clark, H. Heinck and S. Seward
Photographer: Adam Schiffer. Assistants: J.Schiffer, C. Stucki

2nd Division

1863: Photographist: James F. Stuart
Ambrotypist: W. S. Harriman. Assistant: J. Wright

1865: Photographer: J. F.Stuart. Assistants: J. Spines, J. Thomas, O. Harleshow

3rd Division

1865: Photographer: W. F. Brown. Assistants: A. M Beale, M. Smith
Photographer: John H. Pein. Assistants: Dyer and Samper

Artillery Reserve

1865: Photographer: John Gelshorn. Assistants: F. O’Neil and W. Scott

1st Brigade Horse Artillery

1865: Photographer: James F. Gibson

General Headquarters

1863: Maj. Gen. Jos. Hooker Commanding
Photographist: A. Gardner. Assistant: T. H. O’Sullivan “and taking views on the march.”

1865:  Genl. Grant’s Headquarters
Photographer: M. B. Brady. Assistants: S. T. Denney, A. Berger, D. B. Woodbury.

A Listing of Civil War Army/Camp photographers compiled 2/16/04 from backmarks in carte de visite collection of William Gladstone:

D. P. Barr Army Photographer, Paducah, Ky.
Barr and Young Army Photographers, Ft Pickering, Memphis, Tenn.
Barr and Young Army Photographers, Palace of Art, Vicksburg, Miss.
S. L. Bergstresser 3rd Division, 5th Corps, Army of the Potomac
I. H. Bonsall photographer in the 14th Army Corps. (formerly of Cincinnati)
D. F. Brandon Photographer, Camp Douglas (Ill.)
J. B. Brown Tenth Regiment, NJV
Wm. Brown Photographer of the Army in Arkansas
Wm. Frank Browne Kilpatrick’s Division, headquarters, 5th Michigan Cavalry

J. W. Campbell Army Photographer, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland
Cressey, Adams & Co. Army of the Cumberland
Crosby 13th Reg., Massachusetts Volunteers
Cross, Photographer Fort Richardson, Va.
Cross and Childs Photographers, Forts Richardson and Lyon, Va.

Gallery – Point Lookout Lookout Mountain, AD 1864. (Royan M. Linn)
Gibson’s Photographic Gallery Army of the Potomac (from a tintype)
Godkin, Photographer First Army Corps, Camp Stoneman.
Godkin Fort Bakers

Hall and Judkins near Headquarters, 24th Army Corps.
Harris and King Monitor Gallery, Camp Hamilton, Va.
A. B. Henwood stamped “In Dixie.” Of Carlisle, Pa.

J. Jones Photographer, Augur Gen. Hospital (Va.)

B. Loeb & Co. Fort Reno, Emory Hospital.
E. Long Photographer, Benton Barracks, St. Louis.

J. C. Macurdy Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md.
A. H. Messinger U.S. General Hospital, Division 1 (Annapolis, Md.)
Morse and Peaslee Army Photographers, Department of the Cumberland (Morse was a Nashville photographer).

S. D. Phillips Photographer, 14th Army Corps
W. E. Prall Gay Street, Knoxville, and “Army of the Ohio in the field.”

Quinby and Mizener Photographers, Camp Parole, Md.

Schwing and Rudd Photographers, Army of the Cumberland
Shepherd and Smith Post Artists, Rock Island Barracks, Ill; Camp McClellan, Davenport, Iowa
J. C. Spaulding Army Photographer, Point Lookout, Md.
made by Smillie 2nd Vermont Battery
Sumner and Harris Union Gallery. Gen. Butler’s HQ in the field.

Taylor and Seavey Army of Tennessee
A. A. Turner Photographer, Encampments of the NY 22nd and NJ 2nd Regiments, Alexandria, Va. (D. Appleton cdv)

Winston and Slocum Military Photographers, Fort Schuyler, Davids Island. (New York Harbor)