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View our thousands of digitized photographs from the Gettysburg National Military Park archives, hosted on our Flickr page.
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3-D Exhibit at Atlanta History Center
A new 3-D show designed by CCWP opened on August 7, 2010 at the Atlanta History Center. The 3-D show is part of the Atlanta History Center’s new exhibit entitled “War in Our Backyards: Discovering Atlanta, 1861-1865.” The presentation runs for 12 minutes and contains 17 vintage stereoviews along with 5 modern stereoviews.

3-D Exhibit at Gettysburg Visitor's Center
A 50-inch plasma television monitor mounted on the wall next to the book store at the new Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center presents the magic of 3D Civil War photography to park visitors in a four-minute show entitled “Gettysburg in 3D.”

3-D Exhibit at Maryland Historical Society
This continuous loop program runs five minutes, 40 seconds and features 17 images with captions from the spring 1861 scenes taken and produced by the E. and H.T. Anthony & Co. around Camp Essex, a Union stronghold just south of Baltimore overlooking Relay House, Thomas Viaduct and a highly important Baltimore & Ohio Railroad junction.

3-D Exhibit at Pamplin Historical Park
At Pamplin Historical Park, The Petersburg Campaign in 3-D opened April 2, 2011. The button-activated show features 20 images with narrative captions that concisely and dramatically tell the story of the Petersburg Campaign.

3-D Exhibit at South Carolina Confederate Relic Room
“World War I in 3D”, designed by the Center for Civil War Photography, opened on September 4, 2009 at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum (SCCRRMM) in Columbia. The twenty-minute 3D show features more than eighty stereographs and gives viewers a great display of post-Civil War 3D photography.

Beyond Brady at Pamplin Historical Park
An innovative new exhibition co-produced by the Center of Civil War Photography at Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, Va., dramatically shows how Civil War photography was far more varied and complex than the legacy left by its singularly famous practitioner, Mathew B. Brady.

Classic Photographs of Civil War Virginia
The Center for Civil War Photography, Inc., and Civil War Life - The Soldier's Museum are proud to announce the opening of an exhibition of original Civil War photographic prints featuring some of the finest images taken in the Commonwealth of Virginia during the conflict.

Fredericksburg 3-D Slide Show
"Civil War Life in 3-D" gives viewers an overview of the Civil War from beginning to end through its stereoscopic photography, with a special emphasis on images taken in and around Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County.


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