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Board of Directors

Bob Zeller, PresidenT, trOUTMAN, NC

Bob Zeller, the president and co-founder of The Center for Civil War Photography, is one of the country's leading authorities on the imagery of the Civil War. He is the author of several ground-breaking books in the field, including The Blue and Gray in Black and White: A History of Civil War Photography (Praeger, 2005), the first narrative history about the war's photographers, what they did and why they did it. Zeller pioneered the modern presentation of stereoscopic Civil War photography with The Civil War in Depth (Chronicle Books, 1997), the first 3-D photo history of the war, and The Civil War in Depth Volume II (Chronicle Books, 2000). Bob, a writer, journalist and historian, spent 25 years in newspaper journalism, specializing in investigative reporter and later working as a motorsports beat writer covering NASCAR. Bob has published a dozen books or trade publications, including his latest, Lincoln in 3-D (Chronicle Books, 2010), co-authored with John J. Richter. Bob is native of Washington, D.C. and grew up in Hyattsville, Md. He has been presenting 3-D slide show lectures of original Civil War photographs since 1997. Images from his Civil War photography collection were featured at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery exhibition on Mathew Brady in 1997-98, as well as his own one-man show at the Southeast Museum of Photography in 1995. Bob lives in Troutman, N.C. with his wife, Ann, who is city manager. They have two grown children, Sara and Jesse.


Garry Adelman, Vice-Presiden
t, brunswick, md

For Chicago-area native Garry Adelman, the Civil War meant practically nothing until he picked up one of William Frassanito's books in 1984. From that day forward, he was obsessed with the Civil War and its photographic coverage. When he first visited Gettysburg and then Antietam four years later, his life's work became clear. Since those first visits, Garry became a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg in 1995 and has given tours at more than 60 Civil War sites. He earned his B.A. in business from Michigan State University (1990) and his M.A. in history at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (2002). He is the author, coauthor or editor of more than thirty books, booklets and articles. A frequent lecturer at Civil War Round Tables, he has also appeared on the History Channel, C-Span and contributed to a number of historical videos. He is director of history and education at the Civil War Trust. He lives outside of Washington, D.C. with his wife, Jennifer, and his sons Asher and Griffen.

Charles G. Morrongiello, DevelopmenT DIRECTOR, Tampa, FL

The Civil War has been one of Chuck Morrongiello's main interests since childhood, but by no means the only one. Chuck is an accomplished guitarist and musician and was a member of Strange Brew, which was the band on Long Island where he grew up. Chuck is a graduate of Five Towns College on Long Island, and is a well-established and successful financial representative for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, with eighteen years of experience. He has been Agent of the Year six times at the company's Teague Agency in Tampa, Florida and has won several National Quality awards from the National Association of Life Underwriters. He is also a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table. He has been a Civil War enthusiast since his dad took him to Gettysburg as a youngster and today is an avid collector of Civil War memorabilia and art.

John Richter, Director of ImaginG, Hanover, PA

As a child, John became aware of the use of stereo photography during the Civil War from his first View-Master set of views taken from Library of Congress negatives.  This first exposure to 3-D photography fed his already fervent interest in the Civil War because those views were of familiar Civil War scenes - but with depth!  Hooked on the 3-D experience and growing up 15 miles from Gettysburg, it wasn't long until John focused on Gettysburg and began building his world-class collection of period stereo views.  Views from his collection have appeared in Tim Smith's John Burns The Hero of Gettysburg, Garry Adelman's The Myth of Little Round Top, both volumes of Bob Zeller's The Civil War In Depth, and The Blue and Gray in Black and White among others.  John has written for Stereo World and co-edited the CCWP's 99 Historic Images of... series of booklets.  John is a long time stereo photographer and member of the National Stereoscopic Association and the International Stereoscopic Union.  Much of John’s work includes digital restoration of original images.  He has produced 3-D displays for the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, Gettysburg Visitor Center, Pamplin Historical Park, Maryland Historical Society, Atlanta History Center, and the Canton Museum of Art.  He has co-produced, along with CCWP President Bob Zeller, a fully digital 3-D projection show Lincoln In 3-D. The show, comprised of 180 historic images, is a 40-minute program that provides a comprehensive stereo photographic history of Lincoln's presidency.  John has also coauthored the companion book, Lincoln In 3-D, published by Chronicle Books.

, Columbus, OH

Jennifer Kon has been the Center’s sole employee since 2002. She has a great interest and passion for history. She earned B.A. degrees in History and International Studies from the University of South Florida, and an M.B.A. in International Business from Schiller International University. Jennifer is the designer for many of the Center’s publications, including Gettysburg in 3-D.

Justin Shaw, Membership DIRECTOR, San Diego, CA

The Civil War has always been a passion for San Diego native, Justin Shaw. It took him nearly 3,000 miles east to Gettysburg College where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in History in 1994. He became an Interpretive Park Ranger, at Harper's Ferry Historical Park and Gettysburg National Military Park.  He assisted with a number of Civil War Books over the years including being co-editor of the Center's own 99 Historic Images of the Civil War in the West.   After nearly six years living in Gettysburg, he moved back to San Diego and was a manager in one of its oldest, finest hotels, La Valencia. He authored 'La Valencia, 80 Years Overlooking the Pacific’ in 2006, a photographically-based book showing the old hotel through photographs, then and now.  Justin is now in the Education Department for San Diego Zoo Global.  The passion for the Civil War keeps him back east for many days out of the year for business and pleasure. Justin has been married for four years to his lovely wife Maggie.  Maggie also works for San Diego Zoo Global in the Development Deptartment.



Ron Perisho is from San Ramon, California and is a Soils & Foundation Engineer, who has his own firm specializing in the evaluation and repair of distressed structures.

Mr. Perisho started collecting photography in 1985 and collects the full history of landscape photography, including cameras, negatives, stereo cards, and prints. He has taken classes on early photographic processes and is very interested in viewing new photos, especially stereoviews of railroads and the civil war. He believes 3D photos are a great learning tool.

Mr. Perisho grew up near Springfield, Illinois, and became interested in Lincoln sites and history as a boy. He continues to study Lincoln and is a member of the Lincoln Forum, attending annual Forums in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Perisho's ancestors were enlisted Civil War soliders in the 23rd Illinois. Mr. Perisho's wife, Kathy, also had family members who participated in the Civil War. One of her Great-grandfathers, of the 59th Indiana, was a Medal of Honor winner at Corinth, Mississippi. Another Great-grandfather was a member of the First Alabama Cavalry, a Union unit. Together, the Perishos have traveled to many battlefields and enjoy using photographs to make comparisons of sites today to the Civil War period.

Ron and Kathy are members of the Sacramento Civil War Round Table. Ron Perisho is a supporter of the Civil War Trust as a Color Bearer.


Advisory Board

William A. Frassanito
Frassanito is an author and historian and the nation's most prominent scholar on Civil War photography. A student of the Civil War and Gettysburg since age nine, Frassanito is a graduate of Gettysburg College and a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, where he received a Bronze Star for his work as an intelligence analyst. His first book, Gettysburg, A Journey in Time (Scribners, 1975) is a landmark of Civil War photographic scholarship. He was the first historian to extensively use photographs of the war as historic documents. He has since published three additional major books on Civil War photography as well as a number of other publications. He lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


Rob Gibson
"Watching Rob Gibson work is like looking over the shoulder of Mathew Brady," says Mary Panzer, former Curator of Photographs at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. It is no exaggeration. Gibson is more than just a wet-plate photographer committed to authenticity. He's an artist with a passion for image making on glass plates. While an engineer with General Motors in his native Rochester, N.Y., Rob became fascinated with wet-plate photography as a Civil War reenactor. He procured 19th century photographic guides and literally taught himself the craft of wet-plate photography. Eventually, Rob's side business as a period photographer at Civil War reenactments became so successful, he resigned his job, moved to Gettysburg and in 1999 opened his own wet-plate studio, Gibson's Photographic Gallery. Rob has appeared on CSPAN, PBS, the History Channel and the A&E network. He has lectured at the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House Press Photographers Association. Rob was the exclusive wet-plate photographer for the movie Gods and Generals. His book, The Gods and Generals Photographic Companion (2003, Thomas Publications), features more than 75 wet-plate photographs of characters and scenes in the movie. He also appeared in Bob Dylan's accompanying music video Cross Over the Green Mountain. Rob's photographs also appeared in the movies Cold Mountain and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, as well as numerous publications. When in Gettysburg, stop by his gallery at 65 Steinweir Ave.


Timothy H. Smith
Smith is a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg and the author of three books concerning the Battle of Gettysburg, including John Burns: The Hero of Gettysburg. A reference historian at the Adams County Historical Society, he is known for his meticulous research.

Rick Reeves
Reeves is an artist specializing in the Civil War and other military subjects. His artwork can be seen on display at the United States War College, General Staff College, Cavalry School in Fort Riley, Kansas, and numerous other military collections. His work has also been used on the Discovery Channel, A & E, and many books and magazines. He is also a collector of military items and resides in Tampa, Florida.

Warren Motts
Director and founder of Motts Military Museum 1988 to present, in Groveport, Ohio and was a Professional photographer for 40 years Owning and operating of Motts Photographic Center. He was the Official photographer for the Bicentennial "The American Freedom Train" and produced a photographic re-creation of the Battle of Gettysburg, "Gettysburg: A Portrait in Red, Gray, and Blue." Special events Photographer and article published on Civil War Photographer Mathew Brady in "Blue and Bray Civil War Magazine". Has appeared on TV's Arts and Entertainment Channel for The Civil War Journal, on the "Mathew Brady" episode. Past President, American Society of Photographers, and the Professional Photographers of America and has earned Photographic Craftsman, and Master Degree, from the PPA as well as Honorary Master of Photography Degree from China and Mexico. Presently is the historian for Professional Photographers of America. Presented programs to 1000 plus organizations throughout the world and is photographic a Judge and Jury Chairman with the PPA. Has served on the Board of Directors, Ohio Institute of Photography, Dayton, Ohio. Have appeared on PBS and Network radio and TV shows talking about History and Photography and is an Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides Gettysburg, Pa.

Ronn Palm
Palm owns and operates the Museum of Civil War Images at an 1802 vintage home at 229 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A native of Pennsylvania, Palm has been collecting Civil War photographs since childhood, when he bought an ambrotype portrait of a Civil War soldier for $1.75. Palm's museum has on display original photographs of about 3,000 identified Civil War soldiers, most of them from Pennsylvania. The featured exhibit of the museum is over 300 original images of the Pennsylvania Bucktails and artifacts. Open weekends or by appointment.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Phone: 724-664-5150 or 717-337-1867


Susan Boardman
Boardman is an ER Nurse and Licensed Battlefield Guide, and an historical consultant for the design team currently building the Gettysburg National Park's new Visitor Center and Museum complex. Her collection of Gettysburg Battlefield images has been used to help guide the Park's extensive ongoing restoration program.

Robin Stanford

Jason Wickersty has spent countless hours over the past 7 years staring at the Library of Congress’ collection of high-resolution Civil War images. His discoveries have been published in Military Collector and Historian, the journal of the Company of Military Historians, Hallowed Ground, the official magazine of the Civil War Preservation Trust, as well as Battlefield Photographer, the newsletter of the Center for Civil War Photography. He has also studied the “dark art” of wet plate photography under many of the notable practitioners in the field, including John Coffer, Will Dunniway, Claude LeVet, Ray Morgenweck, and Rob Gibson.

A Civil War reenactor since 1997, Jason also studies 18th-19th century military drill, tailoring, and fife and drum music. Hailing from the “Crossroads of the Revolution,” he also takes particular interest in the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Monmouth.  He is also die-hard lover of traditional Irish music, and practices Irish flute and the Irish language when he can.

Currently a National Park Ranger at the National Parks of New York Harbor Education Center, Jason lives in Bayonne, NJ with his wife Annie and their cat Sheila.


Edwin C. Bearss is among the best-known Civil War writers and tour guides. He served as Chief Historian of the National Park Service from 1981 to 1994.







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