2024 Image of War Seminar | Gettysburg | Oct. 4-6

This comprehensive seminar covers all aspects of the Civil War’s most popular place. Stand where 15+ photographers stood and took 19th-century photographs in Gettysburg. Several indoor 2-D and 3-D photo presentations will immerse attendees in the subject more meaningfully. | Click HERE for more information, including hotel rates and more.

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April 2022 Battlefield Photographer
Battlefield Photographer

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April 2021: Kunstman photos, A Conversation with William Frassanito | Click here.
July 2021: Hidden artist, Lost photographs from Civil War news weeklies | Click here.
December 2021: Gettysburg revisited, Frassanito’s favorite Gettysburg photo | Click here.

April 2022: Union Mills and Bull Run Bridge, panoramas of Fredericksburg | Click here.
August 2022: Hidden treasures from World Wide Web, Unknown wartime pano  | Click here.
December 2022: The Man in the Tam, ‘Dead’ on Matthew’s Hill | Click here.

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