Helpful Links


Helpful Links

Vintage Visuals

This is the website of CCWP member Doug McGovern’s photo work including some discussions and presentation of a variety of the stereo photos he has taken.

Alive With History

This is the website of CCWP member Doug McGovern’s first-person presentations as Alexander Gardner.

Civil War Stereoview Window

Civil War Stereoview Window is a collection of over 650 stereo anaglyphs. Nearly all were made using digital masters of the original, battlefield stereo negatives archived at the nation’s repositories. A handful was developed from stereo prints. These images are the very same views that were taken under difficult and sometimes hazardous conditions by the photographers in the field. The results of their extraordinary efforts were then published in forms such as folio prints, stereoviews, card photographs of various sizes, and lantern slides, to name but a few.

CWRT Congress

The mission of the CWRT Congress is to provide new and existing Civil War Round Tables with time-tested tools to help them expand their membership, reduce operating costs, have effective governance structures, develop meaningful partnerships and raise sufficient funds for quality programs and historic preservation. These elements should assist CWRTs to become sustainable organizations and to avoid actions that could damage their integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Civil War Navy

This is the website for Civil War Navy—The Magazine website.  The only magazine dedicated to Civil War naval history.

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